• Developing gold projects through precious metals recovery from mining waste.

  • Environmental remediation of artisanal small-scale mining sites in Central America.

  • Managed by a team of experienced environmental and mining professionals.

  • A Gold Producer generating revenue through gold recovery in Central America.

Newlox Gold – a Growth Focused Gold Producer generating revenue in Central America

Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. produces gold through environmental remediation by recovering residual precious metals and contaminants from historical tailings. These gold bearing tailings are the result of more than a century of inefficient artisanal and small-scale mining in Latin America. With the Company’s environmentally friendly process, we have been able to secure access to over 30 artisanal gold projects. Newlox Gold is well positioned to rapidly increase gold production in Costa Rica and reinvest profits to support its extensive growth plans, first in Latin America and then beyond.

Newlox Gold’s unique approach eliminates the conventional, time and capital-intensive process of exploring for, permitting and then mining gold. Success at the first plant will be followed by an aggressive expansion in other targeted jurisdictions.

Newlox Gold is publicly listed and trades in Canada on the CSE: LUX and in Europe on Frankfurt: NGO.


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Newlox’s Gold Pouring and Analysis

Onsite Gold Pour
September 2019

Newlox’s In-house
Analytical Laboratory

Onsite Gold Pour
January 2020

Experienced Team of Management & Directors

Ryan heads up the day-to-day operations of Newlox Gold and has worked with geologists and mining engineers, both underground and on surface at processing facilities and exploration sites in Latin America.

A Chartered Accountant who resides in Costa Rica and heads up the Oro Roca operations in Central America. His responsibilities include preparation of management accounts and all local operations.

With over 25 years experience in the natural resource sector, Gary has an extensive background in mining and has worked internationally, including North / South America, Europe Western Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Brings over 25 years of experience in business management and entrepreneurial ventures to Newlox Gold. His experience includes managing a multi-million dollar annual provincial fund for the Ontario Hospital Association.

Marcello brings to Newlox Gold 25+ years experience as a metallurgical engineer and environmental geochemist working extensively on environmental and social issues related to mining in Brazil, Canada, US, Venezuela, Chile and Peru.

As head of the hydrometallurgy and biohydrometallurgy group for more than 30 years at Centre for Mineral Technology (CETEM), he assisted numerous chemical, industrial, and mineral processing plants to maximize their processing efficiency and minimize their environmental impact.

An accomplished mining professional with many years experience exploring and developing mineral deposits, he has been involved in multiple mineral discoveries and evaluations, including a major uranium, molybdenum, nickel and vanadium resource in Sweden.

Has a geology career spanning many years working with Cominco and Newmont Gold before forming his consultancy, TerraSat Geomatics, where he has worked with numerous juniors involved in greenstone belts around the world requiring the interpretation of remote sensing data.

As a seasoned process engineer, Gonzalo has vast experience in the analysis, design, construction and management of mineral resource projects. He was responsible for the design and construction of several notable gold production facilities in Central and South America.

Julia’s experience and research focus is the practical application of environmental technologies in the electrochemical recovery of precious metals and mercury from artisanal tailings as well as the environmental and health hazards of heavy metals.

A Metallurgical Engineer, he was the Head Metallurgical Engineer at the National Aluminum Company of Costa Rica and headed the team developing the Metallurgical Laboratory at INA (National Learning Institute of Costa Rica) in Costa Rica.

The Latest News from Newlox Gold

Newlox Gold Closes Final Tranche of a Convertible Debenture Financing for Total Gross Proceeds of $2.34m

Production Starts at Plant 2, the “Boston Clean Gold Project”

Metallurgical Optimization Significantly Increases Gold and Silver Recovery Rates at Processing Facilities

Newlox Gold Announces First Mineralized Material Processed at Plant 2, “the Boston Clean Gold Project.”

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